Daily habits

Wealth does not come by itself.

To achieve it, you need to work on yourself and surround yourself with worthy people. According to the company Fidelity Investments, about 80% of millionaires earned it themselves, and did not receive it from wealthy parents. A strong desire and serious self-discipline helped millionaires to reach the top. As well as simple daily rules.

A well-known sociologist from the USA, author of the book Rich Habits, Thomas Corley spent several years highlighting the lifestyle features of the famous and successful. He believes that each of us has some habits that lead to poverty. And at the same time, he is able to develop skills that will help him get rich. You can get closer to success only by following the life goals of financially independent individuals. Corley has compiled a list of 20 rules that help you make money. You can use them too.

Say “no” firmly

It is very important to learn how to say no. Unfavorable offers come up all the time. They only take away valuable time, nerves and, of course, money. You must firmly refuse unplanned parties, uninteresting events and obviously failed business proposals. Say “no” confidently and clearly. People who appreciate and respect you will not be offended by rejection. They will support your choice if you explain your position to them. This skill will change your life. Save money. It will free your conscience from unnecessary obligations and time for really important activities: the necessary rest, self-development, conquering new career heights.

Love what you do

All top businessmen are driven by love. Love for your business, colleagues, clients, relatives, friends, soul mate. Love of life. It can be safely called the “fuel” for success. It is she who helps to save the present and build a better future. With it, it is much easier to overcome difficulties and move up. According to Thomas Corley, 86% of entrepreneurs who genuinely love their job were able to earn at least $3.6 million.

The only rule: you can not love money more than anything else. The line between serious ambition and outright greed is very thin. Do not cross it and do not take the slippery path of the miser who shakes for every penny. Yes, perhaps this way the fortune will quickly increase, but you will not become happier. Big money can destroy a person. Entrepreneur Jim Rohn said: “When a person understands economics, but does not understand happiness, it’s sad.”

Don’t be afraid to miss

It is impossible to achieve success without making a single mistake. Therefore, do not be afraid of mistakes. You’re not in school, and no one will give you grades. Misses indicate that you are developing, learning new things and understanding what not to do. All experienced businessmen made mistakes more than once before they achieved heights. They are sure: it is the misses that help to find the right path to the top. Therefore, the ability to learn from their failures is one of the most important qualities of financially independent people.

Don’t make excuses

A financially dependent person is inclined to blame anyone for failures, but not himself. He is constantly looking for excuses. We need to get rid of this habit. Successful people know that they are responsible for everything that happens in their personal and professional lives. They do not believe in fate and predestination. They don’t make excuses and don’t look for reasons around, they don’t complain, they don’t blame others. Businessmen from the first hundred Forbes rely only on themselves and control their own destiny. Faith in one’s own strengths and the ability to take responsibility for one’s decisions, victories and defeats help to achieve success.

Take your time

On average, entrepreneurs take 10-20 years to realize their ambitions. But this is only a guide, not a ready-made template. There is no standard at what age you should be successful. Each success story is individual. To do your job well, you need to gain skills, knowledge, fill bumps and find your own perfect recipe. Don’t rush, but don’t stop moving forward either.


Always ask the right questions. This is a very useful skill. If you don’t know something, don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask. Strive every day to learn something new, to clarify, to adopt someone’s useful experience. So you will know much more than those who are afraid to appear inexperienced.

Write down ten thoughts daily

Make your brain constantly work, generate fresh ideas. At first it may seem that you are not able to come up with even one. Write down how much you get. But then you get involved and the process goes easier. Give this brainstorming time every day and you will notice great results. Your mind will start to work faster, and you will definitely not forget anything. The more interesting thoughts you come up with, the higher the chance that one of them will be the first step to huge success.