What influences success in life

Sadhguru: Maybe all, but in what proportion?

When you say “fate”, it’s obvious that you can’t do anything about it. When you say “luck”, again, it’s obvious that you can’t do anything with it either. God is also not a factor that can be controlled. So the only thing in your hands is the effort you put in. Put your efforts to one hundred percent – and what will happen will happen. You should not miss your energy and potential, hoping for luck, God, fate – they are not subject to you. If they really exist, they will manifest themselves. But efforts are in your power, and they must be accurate. Efforts must be focused and measured. It’s stupid to just make an effort. Stubborn efforts on their own will not lead to anything. It is important to do the right thing at the right time, in the right place.

For all this to happen, you need perception and intelligence.

That’s all you need to do in life – constantly look for ways to increase receptivity and develop intelligence. The rest will happen anyway. And, unfortunately, this is exactly what humanity does not do.

For example, 25 years ago everyone wanted to become doctors.

If someone wanted to go to study, then the first option was medicine. Let’s say you became a doctor, but everyone started going to yoga programs and stopped using the services of doctors. Demand for medical services would fall. The profession would no longer be considered prestigious. After all, not so many people become doctors just because they see it as their calling. Some really want to be doctors, understand the human body and serve people, while others enter the profession because they find it profitable. I am very worried that the treatment of diseases becomes a profitable business, because in this case, health becomes unprofitable.

There is no recipe for success

Don’t try to formulate a recipe for your success. Real success comes when you use your full potential. It doesn’t matter if you become a doctor, a politician, a yogi or something else, success means you are living at your peak potential. For this to happen, you will need receptivity and an active intellect. “How can I increase my IQ?” Don’t worry about it. The most important thing is to increase your perception. If you are able to see life as it is, you will also have the necessary level of intelligence to deal with it properly. If you are unable to see life as it really is, your intellect will work against you. Smart people tend to be the most miserable on the planet. Simply because they have an active intellect, but they have no perception of life.

Never think, “I want to succeed.”

Just strive to transform yourself into a fully developed person, and success will find its manifestation.
Today, people are trying to expand their horizons, which may make a person successful socially, but will not make him truly successful. If you really want to succeed, you need to be able to see everything as it is, without distortion. If you see everything as it is, life becomes a game. If you enjoy the game, then you can definitely play it well. If you play well, people will say that you are successful.

You don’t have to strive for success.

It’s a pathetic way to build your life. You will simply cause pain and suffering to yourself and others, because your idea of ​​​​success will be that everyone should be below you, and you should be on top.

This is not success, this is a disease. Never think, “I want to succeed.” Just strive to transform yourself into a fully developed person, and success will find its manifestation. If he finds a good expression, those around him will say: “Yes, he has achieved great success!” This is good. People should recognize your success, but you should not think about how to achieve it: this is a very wrong approach to life.

Live a full life

When you come into this world, you must experience the full potential of what it means to be human, all the dimensions of who you are. Only then can you say that you are successful. The ability and courage to explore this potential will come when you reach an inner state where there is no fear of suffering. In that case, no matter the situation, your experience of life will remain the same.

Now “Isha” participates in two dozen social projects. Some of them are large scale projects in Tamil Nadu and other parts of the world. But I am not at all concerned about the success of my activities. If they are successful, they will benefit many people. But even if it doesn’t work out, I’ll still be happy. Definitely, I will do my best.