Tips that successful people use

Each person has a number of habits that shape his lifestyle.

And it’s good when they are all aimed at achieving success and improving their position. Writer Thomas Corley said that he studied the habits of 117 self-made millionaires for 5 years. He listed several daily rituals worth learning from these people.

Have Multiple Sources of Income Self-made people have never relied on a single source of income.

They did their best to develop several cash flows. 65% of the millionaires surveyed had at least 3 sources of income that they created before they earned their first million.

Do a little more every day than yesterday.

If every next day you improve your performance by about 1%, after a while you will achieve noticeable results. Indeed, as much as 3800% of efficiency will be obtained per year. And you will develop great self-discipline. This pattern applies to study, work, business, and sports. According to data collected by Corley, 81% of successful people always try to do a little more than expected.

Get up early

Super successful entrepreneurs start their day very early. Fans of early rises can be called Bill Gates, Tim Cook, Richard Branson and many others. About 44% of the rich wake up three hours before the start of the working day. And only 3% of people who are dissatisfied with their material well-being are early risers. You can devote time before work to yourself: read, work out, learn new information and tune in to a fruitful day.

Read instead of watching TV

Education and new knowledge are very important for enterprising people. They prefer books to watching talk shows and series. Approximately 67% of businessmen surveyed by Corley spend less than an hour a day watching television. And 88% of them devote at least half an hour to books. First of all, we are talking about applied literature and non-fiction, and not about novels. From serious publications you can draw interesting thoughts, fresh ideas and experience of specialists. Thanks to this, you will be better versed in your field and, in general, will become more erudite.

Eat slower

Wealthy people allow themselves to spend a little more time on lunch, because they know that the brain and body need to be given a break. Working without breaks is inefficient. So stop eating on the run. Allow yourself to enjoy a full meal with a clear conscience.

Maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body

Training, proper nutrition and health care are essential to success. Even in a very busy schedule, 76% of successful entrepreneurs find time to go to the gym 4 times a week. And 57% always monitor nutrition.

Plan things

To stay focused and not forget anything, it is worth making a list for the day, week, month. If you want to achieve something, write it down. Just formulate the task clearly. Instead of “I want to get rich,” write “I want to earn so much in a month.” And already, starting from the goal, plan small steps to achieve it. In addition, when the day is scheduled, you will not miss a single important thing. And your brain, instead of remembering all the routine tasks, will be able to spend resources on something important. According to statistics, 67% of respondents complete all planned tasks by at least 70%. They are sure to solve at least 7 out of 10 questions during the day.

Invest wisely

Financial literacy is the foundation of success. It’s not enough just to make a lot of money, she still needs to properly dispose of it. You need to be able to save and invest, use various financial instruments. If you do not understand this, then you can lose much larger sums. Reckless spending often leads to financial ruin. Successful businessmen know how the market works and how easy it is to multiply profits. They wisely manage assets and liabilities, constantly invest. Save where possible. And also be sure to set aside a certain part of the profits in a special reserve fund.