Good habits of millionaires

Financial planner Tom Corley spent five years researching the habits of wealthy people.

He interviewed 225 millionaires and found out that rich people can be divided into 4 types. But regardless, the habits of rich people are very similar.

All millionaires are divided into 4 types, depending on the source of their wealth.

  • Investors. These are the ones who make saving and investing part of their daily lives. They can make money in many ways, but they are always looking for smart ways to increase their wealth.
  • Climbers. Those who build a career in a large corporation and stubbornly climb to the very top – to a top manager with a very high salary.
  • Virtuosi. They become the best in their field – and thanks to this they receive big money for their experience and skills.
  • Dreamers. They spend energy on making dreams come true. The goal can be anything – to build your own business, become a famous musician or write bestsellers. Their passion for their favorite business is transformed into round sums in bank accounts.

The path of the investor is the least risky, compared to the rest. And 88% of millionaires say that savings is very important for financial success.On average, it takes a millionaire between 12 and 32 years to accumulate a capital of $3-7 million.

Millionaire Habits

Save 20% of income.

Each of the millionaire investors constantly saves at least 20% of their income. Many automate this process by setting a fixed percentage for savings. The money is sent to a special pension account and to a brokerage account.

Invest regularly.

At first, the amounts seem small, but gradually compound interest begins to work – this is how significant fortunes are accumulated. Those who chose the path of the “dreamer” could not invest in the beginning, as they spent money on the development of their projects. But as soon as they achieved the first successes, they made up for lost time in investments.

Be very frugal.

All types of millionaires are frugal. They save money from the first paycheck. Three pillars on which frugality rests:

Be aware. You need to understand how you spend money.
Focus on quality. Spend money on quality products and services.
Make bargain purchases. Strive to find the right products at the lowest price.
“Humility alone will not make you rich. This is just one piece of the Rich Habits puzzle, and there are many. But it will save you a lot of money. And the more savings you have, the more money you can invest,” writes Tom Corley.

Dive into the business with your head

In order to become not only rich, but also happy, it is important to find something you like and completely immerse yourself in it. You can’t be truly successful at something you don’t like. That’s what Steve Jobs thought. And many other millionaires think so. 86% of them admit that they really love what they do. This helps you develop faster and work more productively. I would like to learn even more about the chosen direction, meet new people and work on myself.

Don’t waste money

When you’re truly successful, you don’t have to prove it to anyone. And reasonable savings will help to increase capital. As Thomas Corley found out, 95% of great entrepreneurs save 20% of their income. They drive cheap cars, fly conventional airlines, and don’t buy the latest smartphone just to show off their wealth.


The positive effect of meditation on physical and psychological health has long been proven. It strengthens the immune system, improves memory, helps fight stress and becomes more focused. Meditation is a favorite way to relax Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, famous media personality Oprah Winfrey and other financially successful people.

Form the right social circle

Avoiding loneliness, people often rotate in inappropriate environments. However, this is the wrong approach. Putting forward certain requirements for yourself, you must be no less demanding of the people around you. It is worth communicating only with those who contribute to your development. Surround yourself with smart, successful, accomplished people. Look for those from whom you can learn something, adopt something. If there are optimistic people around, you yourself will begin to believe more in the result. You will be inspired, generate good ideas. And you will stop complaining, having learned to rely on your own strength. Having good teachers and true friends is essential to success. This is confirmed by 68% of the rich. And 93% are sure that it would not have been possible to get rich if it were not for their mentors and partners.

Don’t follow your emotions

Don’t let your brain turn off and your emotions take over your mind. Strong experiences, whether positive or negative, interfere with making informed decisions. A difficult choice must be made, weighing all the pros and cons. Especially in a difficult time for business.

Don’t go into debt

Experienced businessmen do not like to take loans or simply borrow money. Spending other people’s money or generally spending money on nonsense is not a good idea, they say. To get rich, you must always understand what you can afford. And don’t buy what you can’t afford. The leaders of the Forbes lists try to analyze their resources and prices in order to profitably buy what they really need. Reasonable savings is completely independent of the level of income. It is needed by both an ordinary office worker and a millionaire.

By applying these rules in your work and everyday life, you can achieve more.