Tips for building a successful life

Sometimes what helps us be successful in our professional lives doesn’t work so well in our personal lives

Competition immediately comes to mind as an example. At the same time, we all have a limited amount of time each day that we can devote to what we want to do. Thus, in order to save time and energy, I will share with you a list of tips that will help you succeed in both life and business.

Add value

No matter what you do or where you go, it’s impossible to go wrong when adding value. People are willing to pay for the added value alone. In your professional life, the more value you can offer, the more money you can make. In your personal life, greater value added value leads to closer relationships and more active personal growth. The best way to add value is to find the intersection between what people are willing to pay for and the product or service you can offer that aligns with your values, strengths, and goals.

How do you add value to your employers and loved ones? What can you do to increase your ability to add value?

Follow your passion

Reading numerous biographies of great people, as well as based on my own observations and communication, I realized that those who achieve great things on the professional and personal fronts follow their passion. There are so few great people among us simply because most of us don’t even know what their passion is. Of those who find out what it is, most simply do not follow their passion consistently. This is one of the main reasons why people don’t achieve their goals.

Do you know what your passion is? If not, what are you going to do to find out? If you know what your passion is, how do you follow it?

Be extraordinary

If you do what everyone else does, then it will be difficult for you to become successful. It is important to find the line, and then overcome it. Here’s how you can get noticed and get what you want. Whether it’s money, relationships filled with meaning and/or a sense of personal success, the extraordinary person draws it all to them. How extraordinary are you? If you feel like you are mediocre, what are you going to do to become extraordinary? For those of you who don’t know, you can read the articles on my blog, as well as How to Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary.

Start now

There are many factors that will help you become successful in both your professional and personal life; however, one essential factor is taking action. Most people fail to reach their full potential because they never get started. They are always preparing, planning and waiting for the optimal time to start. If I waited until I was ready, I would not have a coaching practice, a website, a blog, I would not lead seminars, etc. The stars rarely line up in perfect order, and you’re never fully ready to start something; however, readiness will come to you along the way.

Are you waiting for something before you start? What is your relationship between planning and action? What is the worst case scenario if you take action right now? If you are one of those who are just waiting, stop reading this post and start working on what you have been wanting to do for a long time. This article is not going anywhere and will certainly wait for your return.

Look for good mentors

People who “achieve a goal” tend to thank a mentor or a group of mentors for their success who really helped guide them to the goal, to where they are now. Guides have already traveled the road that you are just planning to travel on and can guide you to get to your destination faster than if you were to travel this road alone. If you want to be healthy, then find a mentor who is already healthy. If you want to be rich, find someone who is already rich. It amazes me how rarely people turn to mentors; and those who do usually find a mentor in only one aspect of their lives. If you want to be successful, take care to find mentors to help you achieve what you want. Jeff Goines wrote a short but good article on finding mentors.

Is there a mentor in your life right now? If not, ask yourself what barriers are preventing you from finding him or having a fruitful relationship with him? If you have mentors, are they present in various aspects of your life (financial, medical, professional, personal, spiritual, relationships, parenting, etc.)?