Success is a relative concept.

After all, what for some is the ultimate dream

For others is just a step on the ladder to the top. Who knows, maybe you just don’t realize your success or stay just a step away from it. So come closer.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself with Nikolai Petrovich from your department, who goes through life with success, is as absurd as eating durum wheat pasta boiled in water with chlorine – zero benefits.

Comparing, you act unfairly in relation to yourself first of all. You are critical of yourself because you understand your strengths and weaknesses. And you only know about Nikolai Petrovich what he shows you – all the best. As a result, your self-esteem decreases, self-esteem too, pride and excitement are hidden under the plinth, development is inhibited.

Realize that comparison is an endless matter. There will always be people who will be better than you, or vice versa. But you are a unique person, with your talents, skills, ideas, you have your own path.

Praise yourself, start a notebook, every night write down at least 5 reasons why “I’m doing well.”

Forget what it means to be lazy

If you want a better job, a higher position, strive to work for yourself, turning a hobby into a business, then you must forget what it means to be lazy. After all, successful people are not born, they are made.

The journalist and sociologist Malcolm Gladwell confirms this thesis. In his book Geniuses and Outsiders, he writes: “No matter what the field, it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve a level of proficiency commensurate with the status of a world-class expert. In studies of composers, basketball players, writers, skaters, pianists, chess players, hardened criminals, and so on, this number occurs with surprising regularity. This, of course, does not explain why some people benefit from classes more than others. But so far no one has come across a case where the highest level of skill was achieved in less time. It seems that this is how long it takes the brain to absorb all the necessary information.”

Practice. 10,000 hours is equivalent to about 3 hours of practice per day, or 20 hours per week for 10 years.


Meet Vanya. Vanya works 12 hours a day. In principle, he likes this, but he feels that he is no longer strong enough. Coffee, energy drinks help, but not for long. Overwork and nerves take their toll – Vanya ends up in the hospital.

Okay, the guy thinks, I’ll rest and everything will work out. He decides to put the weekend to good use and even goes on vacation for a couple of weeks. It seemed to feel better, but not much: the headaches returned, the energy was at a minimum level What did he do wrong?

The answer is on the surface: Vanya did not rest on vacation, he constantly thought about work, checked his mail, read the news, called up colleagues.

Don’t be like Vanya. Leave work at work. Relax fully, completely switching your attention from your main activity. And most importantly – do not feel guilty for well-deserved idleness.

Do not accumulate resentment

Being offended is bad and unhealthy. They teach us this from childhood, remember at least the saying: “They carry water for the offended.” But what are children’s sayings to us? We are offended by literally everything and everyone. On the parents who imposed the choice of a profession, on the boss for a harsh word, on colleagues for not inviting you to dinner with them. These negative emotions accumulate like ashes in a stove, and if the stove is not cleaned, it will stop working. The same can happen to us. Being offended, we do not give way to good emotions, we lose time, health and success.

Forbidding yourself to be offended is hard, but possible. Try to accept the offense and forget. The situation has already happened, leave it in the past and move on. In a few months it won’t mean anything to you.

Get rid of the chaos

And it’s not just about those unnecessary things that you keep at home and at work, but also about all the extra thoughts that interfere with your productivity.

Do you complain about the lack of time, forgot about an important meeting or assignment from your boss, is it difficult for you to keep a balance between personal life and work? Does this happen all the time? Get ready for not very pleasant consequences: from spoiled relationships with colleagues to poor health.

But if you get rid of the chaos in your life, then it will become easier for you to manage work and home affairs, life in general. And success will not be long in coming.

Organization is not an innate ability, but a skill that can be mastered. Learn to do twice as much in less time, separate important things from minor ones, set goals and prioritize, plan.